VShare is not the only alternative to Installous: try iPASTORE

A few hours ago was released jailbreak iPhone iOS 6.1, and we already received requests to install alternative to Installous. We have already talked about VShare, but there is also IPAStore app for those that are not found in VSHARE. Let's see how!

We have already spoken in the past of VShare in this article: “Installous iPhone no longer works: l'alternative è vshare, also in Italian. How to...: online tutorial” VShare describing what it is for and how to install on iPhone / iPad unlocked (with jailbreak).

ipastore_screenVShare is intended primarily to Asian clients, most apps are in fact present in Chinese or Japanese.

But there is an alternative: iPASTORE.

To install IPAStore you need to insert between the repositoriy Cydia: http://repo.ipastore.me

To enter the repository we invite you to watch the video demonstration in the article “Dial vShare: the alternative to Installous on iPhone

iPASTORE allow these search, download free and install the app (Games, applications, programs, utility) Site http://ipastore.me directly on your iPhone/iPad.

Even iPASTORE like VShare requires you to have installed Appsync patch from hackulo.us repo. If you have already installed VShare, the patch will already be installed.