Dial vShare: the alternative to Installous on iPhone

On different social these days we talk about vshare as a valid alternative to Installous on iPhone. The information is not very easy to find on the net also because of Chinese authorship of this Application!; below you can find information and a guide to try it yourself.

VSHARE, also known as VV App is an iPhone application entirely similar to Installous.

In which serve vShare?

vshare allows you to install on your iPhone (as long as it was done the jailbreak (click here to learn what it is) proveninenti applications from a market “alternative”, just as you do with Installous.

Here are the improvements over Installous:

  • the downloads are fast and direct
  • are constantly monitored broken links
  • there are captcha to insert
  • it seems that the “market” is very stocked
  • Quick Uninstall App on your phone
  • great update service applications

We remind readers that the use of commercial applications not regularly purchased from the Apple Store is illegal; therefore it is legal to install vshare, is the use of any paid apps downloaded in a different mode from the App Store is not.

For those still curious try vshare, a real gem Chinese, here is a little tutorials in video format their eating dial vShare. The step by step guide is very simple and not particularly difficult. You can pause the video at any time.


Download vShare App VVFor more advanced users can also download the’App IPA format directly from the manufacturer:
http://v.appvv.com / vshare / The site is in Chinese, button to download is the one shown. Downloads the app vshare format. Ipa you can install on your jailbroken device by dragging it to itunes, or via I-FunBox.


All clear?