Wade: gps navigator free socializing!

Wade, in addition to being a navigator is a very useful social network, which allows all users to see the location of others and with other users contact each other without being friends or acquaintances in any way, but only for information regarding the street is you have to do or you want to know the conditions.

The utility consists in the fact that even before any other navigator, is updated in real time by the other wazer (users), Traffic, accidents, checkpoints and everything that could hinder your route.

The most amazing thing of this app, equipped with artificial intelligence, is that even if one fails to report for any reason, the cause of the jam or slowdown, Waze Capisce the fact that the user is slowing (Also according to the limits imposed on the types of road) ed è lui a porti la domanda di qual’è la causa del rallentamento facendoti scegliere tra i diversi motivi più segnalati dagli altri utenti. Si ha la possibilita anche di segnalare una modifica delle strade da aggiornare o modificare sulle mappe.

To do this navigator also fun, the developers have decided to integrate a customizable icon of your car,the ability to share the sgtato your mood through some funny emoticons preloaded and sprint points based on how long you hold active waze and how far do using this very useful app, cosi da poter crescere di grado nella classifica e diventare Top Wazers e condividerlo negli altri social più utilizzati, as Facebook, Twitter e Foursquare!

And’ available for IOS and for Android, free of charge app store o nel android market.

Wade - GPS e traffico War Inc. Category: Shipping, Travel
Evaluation: 4+

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Have fun!

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