WeChat thanks to advertising on TV challenge WhatsApp

WeChat is pushing heavily with advertisements on TV even in Italy where WhatsApp has long been the only real alternative to normal text messages. And’ the most popular messaging app and this allows texting with virtually anyone. The alternatives are many, but being not widely proved to be of little use to date.

Thanks to the hype on TV in Italy, the’app WeChat jumped to first place in the ranking of the most downloaded applications.
wechat_messiSurely the company that is launching WeChat (China's Tencent Holdings) is investing a rather high amount on advertising, WhatsApp thing that has never had to do, “opening” in fact the way the messaging alternative to SMS.
WeChat Tip right now on the advertisement starring the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and controversy (rather mild) surrounding WhatsApp for the choice of introducing the fee paid on their application for iOS devices (see our article WhatsApp become free on the AppStore but finally introduces the annual fee! ).

Cos’è WeChat?

And’ messaging application that uses the Internet just like WhatsApp: in addition to text messages, Line makes it possible to send and receive voice notes, images, videos, position data.

How much WeChat?

WeChat is currently free, but we doubt that it remains so after the investments made by the company operating the brand WeChat.

On which devices is available WeChat?

WeChat is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Pc (Unofficial app for pc)
Just the fact of being provided on a PC may also be a point in favor of WeChat.

What are the differences between Line and WhatsApp?

WeChat unlike WhatsApp allows to make video calls, and search for people in the surrounding area who use WeChat

WeChat thus proves more oriented to social by WhatsApp, In fact, each user has a bulletin board (call “moments”) where you can post text and photos.

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WeChat known recently in Italy, actually it has already 400 millions of users who use, referred 195 millions in China alone.

You may WeChat thanks to new functions “social” conquer the area referred to in monopolist is now WhatsApp?

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