WhatsaApp : Messages you send are now protected with end-to-end encryption. What does it mean?

With ’ latest version, Whatsapp introduced the end-to-end encryption messages (and not only). What this means in plain English? What should we do?

Those who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp found himself pounding into a message (almost) all chats are already open informing him on important security news by WhatsApp:
Messages you send in this chat and calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more information.

But what exactly does this mean? We've got to do something?

This is a very important update that bridges security gaps that WhatsApp had against Telegram, that has always had this level of security.

In layman's terms means that messages sent (they are text messages, photo, videos, Group chat, audio notes, voice conversations) by two users who have installed ’ latest version of WhatsAspp are encrypted (encrypted) And that No one besides the two people (or to group members if messages are located at ’ in a group) You can read them (therefore decode them).

The message is encrypted before being sent over the network from the device of the sender, is transmitted over the network and managed by servers WhatsApp completely illegible, and is decrypted (made it so readable) only from the recipient's phone.

This technique makes it possible to achieve an optimum level of security, and the guarantee that apart from the recipients, Nobody can read these messages.
The content exchanged between two users until yesterday were transmitted in clear (so legibly) on the network: There were advanced techniques (spoofing) which made it possible to “intercept” the messages coming from the mobile phone of someone and being able to read quietly (one technique was to do so through the modem which provided wi-fi to which either device was connected).

With this technique, even the managers of WhatsApp can read messages. A further obstacle to the forces of ’ order, that will no longer be able to intercept the communications, If not having physically holding the mobile phone of the sender or recipient of messages (or by installing special software on either mobile phones can “capture” typing on the keyboard or screen content).

What should we do ?

Absolutely nothing. Messages are encrypted automatically if the sender and receiver of the message using the latest versions of WhatsApp enabled end-to-end encryption.

Clicking on the notification of encryption that appears in the topmost image ’, a popup gives us more information:
Messages you send in this chat and calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption, which means that WhatsApp and third parties cannot read or listen to them“.
Pressing the “confirmation” We will access to a screen that allows us to verify this encryption. This is a useful little function, But if you're curious to see if the encryption works with your partner, It will simply be holding your device and that of a friend with whom you have exchanged messages on WhatsApp, press both the security notification, press “confirmation”: You'll see a code QRCode: on either device, tap on “Scan the code”, and with this device, point the camera at the QRCode shown in device of ’ friend.

If the encryption key has been successfully exchanged between the two devices you will get a confirmation message.

Now you are calmer ?