Whatsapp 3.0: update with many new features! You will still be free?

From rumors, steam che WhatsApp 3.0 has already been submitted to Apple for approval on the App Store. The news of the updated version of WhatsApp should be many, ma sarà finita l’era di Whatsapp gratis?

It seems that when upgrading to Whatsapp 3.0 will be introduced canon Use also for IOS devices iPhone and iPad.

Recall that WhatsApp has never been free: on the iPhone app was bought to 0.89 €, on Android instead is given a free period “proof” and then introduce an annual fee for the use.

These figures are very low (unless 1 € per year) which as we have already explained in this article, is nothing compared to the excellent service offered by WhatsApp.

The fee should be introduced only for new users: those who have already purchased Whatsapp iPhone / iPad should maintain this service free.

More details on charge a fee for the use of WhatsApp will soon be unveiled; Meanwhile, let's see what should be the new features introduced with WhatsApp 3.0:

Ability to send multiple photos at once with WhatsApp to a person or a group:

aggiornamento whatsapp 3.0


Ability to WhatsApp use of different numbers (then have multiple accounts on WhatsApp), and the possibility to change the number without losing anything.

Save and backup of all conversations and messages of WhatsApp the iCloud.

Push-to-Talk have WhatsApp: possibility to send voice messages to our contacts with WhatsApp exactly as on HeyTell. It is a very convenient mode for texting when you can not or do not want to use the keyboard:

whatsapp-3-0 push to talk


It should also be integrated the ability to dictate the messages even with Whatsapp, exactly how it works for normal SMS messages.

Apparently we should wait a little to try out the new features! Continue to follow us to stay up to date: you can check out below will be available when the version 3.0 by WhatsApp and download it directly from here:

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