WhatsApp fee! Someone is surprised..


WhatsApp is a great service that they know almost all. It allows us to send messages to all our friends, for free. It offers advanced features for sharing photos, location, contacts, videos. Is anyone surprised that Whatsapp is free of charge: see why!

Who does not know WhatsApp?

It is a fantastic application to exchange messages, photo, information, positions, videos, business cards, for free.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way of texting: phone operators know him very well: is most responsible for the collapse of the billing of SMS!

But not everyone knows that WhatsApp is free of charge, and rightly so.

Users of the Apple world (iPhone and iPad) they know that WhatsApp is an app fee: BEN coast 89 cents, one-time fee: paid for “buy” application, you will never pay more, no fee, no additional cost.

For Android users, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia the situation is rather different: the application is gratis to download and try for the first year, then becomes a fee: 0,99 Us $ per year.

To recap:

  • who owns iPhone or iPad pays for the first time € 0.89 to download the app, then do not pay anything.
  • who owns an Android smartphone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia, download the free app, uses the first year free, then if he wants to continue to use, pay 0,99 $ per year.

The thing that amazes us the most is many people complain that WhatsApp is paid!

The service is great, is used a lot.. and costs, in the worst case scenario.. less than a coffee a year!

People are strange.. is willing to pay 700 € for a phone, but is not prepared to pay less than 1 € for such a service..

utilizzo whatsapp a pagamento


Open WhatsApp, go to Settings, Use and see how many messages you have sent.. and calculate how much you have saved!

In my case.. I think my operator does not like WhatsApp like I love it :)



Here is the official text published by the staff of WhatsApp: