Whatsapp surcharge from Saturday? Here's how things stand!

Some users have reported that he had again received a message informing them that Saturday morning Whatsapp will become chargeable.
The news of WhatsApp to payment you are spreading like wild d ’ oil and is generating more than a little confusion. But let's see how things stand in detail.

Here is the text of the message received from many of our readers:whatsapp_pagamento

Saturday morning whatsapp will become chargeable! If you have at least twenty contacts sends this message to them. So is that you're a regular user and your logo will become blue and free will (I have spoken to tg). Whatsapp will cost 0,01€ to the message. Send it to ten people.
“Hi, We are Andy and Jonh, the directors of whatsapp. A few months ago we warned that this summer ’ whatsapp would not be free anymore; We always do what we say, in fact, the comunchiamo that from today will be the cost of whatsapp 1 Euro per month. If you want to continue using your account for free to send this message to 20 contacts in your phonebook, If it will, the will an sms from number: 123#57 and will communicate that whatsapp is free for you!!! THANK YOU…. and if you don't believe check yourself on our website (www.whatsapp.com). Good bye.
PS: When you do the light will be blue (If you do not send the Agency ’ whatsapp will cost you ).”

A first quick read this message may to some appear credible.. and surely it was credible for many since the WhatsApp message toll has multiplied exponentially in a few hours thanks to those users who have made what is written (forward it to other 20 contacts) to keep WhatsApp for free.

In fact it is the umpteenth Buffalo ’: a veritable chain of Sant Antonio ’ created by some buffoon with the intent to discredit ’ WhatsApp or simply to test how many fish were all sweet love ’.

So if you were worried I'll confirm: This is a hoax and WhatsApp will not become payable!

Reread the message more calmly and reflect:

  • If the messages were to cost 0,01 € or there was a fee really think that users continue to use it ? definitely would switch to other free messaging system
  • Facebook has no interest in losing users to WhatsApp: theEggi our article to find out why
  • Andy and John are not the creators of WhatsApp
  • On the site www.whatsapp.com there is ’ write anything like that (who invented the ’ scam wrote just to give a semblance of legality)
  • even if he were to become chargeable.. in your opinion would be sufficient to send 20 messages for free?

That said do not worry, Whatsapp will not become payable!

Do not forward the message to other people, only you can feed the ego of ’ who invented this chain!

If someone sends you a message.. well explain him/her what it is referencing this article sharing on Facebook!