Whatsapp changes graphics! How to get the new updated version?

Whatsapp finally changes graphics, adapting to the new Material Design operating system Lollipop (Android 5.0). To date the new graphics by WhatsApp do not automatically install as an upgrade: Let's see together How to get the new graphics by WhatsApp so simple!Whatsapp for Android devices has been enhanced to adopt new Material Design graphics, adapting to the new graphical features of the operating system Android Lollipop.
Here are some details on the improvements introduced by WhatsApp:


The new background color: dark green


By selecting the icon ’ to write a new message, we are given the possibility of creating a new group.


New graphics Material Design: the comics, the button to send voice messages.

Unlike previous versions, has not been issued an automatic update that allows us to get the new graphics, Let's see together how to get the ’ update Whatsapp:

Requirements: Android device with Lollipop

1) Perform a backup of your chat (the backup is automatic and usually run every night, but for safety we recommend that you upgrade your backup chat): Enter the WhatsApp settings, Chat settings and run “Backup of chat”.

2) Finished up uninstalled completely WhatsApp (no fear, your chat and your multimedia files will be saved in your device)

3) Download the new version of WhatsApp directly from the official site: from your Android device go to address ’ http://www.whatsapp.com/android

4) finished downloading click on the notification to launch the ’ install WhatsApp

5) proceed to the ’ activation of WhatsApp and respond “Yes” When you are prompted to restore your chat