Delete or edit messages that you have already sent

You'll certainly success that he wanted a Whatsapp to cancel sending a message, prevent the recipient to receive your WhatsApp message: Now you can!Finally WhatsApp has heard the requests for many users who wanted the ability to repair their message sending errors: How many times have you happened to accidentally send a WhatsApp message to someone and have done anything to prevent their delivery (such as interrupt data traffic or disconnect your smartphone's battery)?

Whatsapp has already developed a solution to these problems: the possibility of delete a message you've already sent to WhatsApp to prevent their delivery to the addressee, or even change the contents of the message before it is read.

And’ necessary to specify whether the cancellation of WhatsApp message already posted that its modification is possible only when the recipient will not read.

The function of “recall” (revoke) or “modification” a WhatsApp message already sent already exists in other messaging applications such as BlackBerry Messenger and Telegram.

Right now the function is active only in certain iOs betas but will soon be extended to betas for Android and subsequently to all official versions.

The function to call – delete a WhatsApp message already sent is not dangerous and cannot give rise to misinterpretations: If the message is only displayed on the recipient's telephone number in a notification, This will no longer be cancelled or modified.

How to see if your version of WhatsApp already allows you to cancel or change a message already sent?

To check if your version of WhatsApp allows you to delete or edit a message you've already sent, It will simply long press on a message you've already sent but not read by the person you, then with one or two gray checkmarks Double check, and see if the menu appear the functions of “recall” the “modification” of the message.delete already sent messages