Whatsapp and Zara of coupon 150 Euro

You received on WhatsApp or you would like to receive the questionnaire to obtain the coupon of € 150 to spend on a ZARA store? Please read here!Yes, the scam also runs on WhatsApp: If you were to get a proposal for a discount coupon or coupons for Zara or to any other store (cases are occurring for H&M) be very careful though the coupon arrives from a friend.

What risk is to spend really big money rather than earn shopping vouchers. The message to WhatsApp WhatsApp contacts may also arrive from there with whom to chat often.. but that doesn't mean that the ’ invitation has been purposely sent by them.
In fact, law ’ on WhatsApp invitation to open a link and fill out a short questionnaire to receive a 150 € voucher to spend at Zara.
By clicking on the link you'll end up on a site like this, you are invited to respond to 4 simple questions to win the coupon:
Zara-cheating-2And’ just following the instructions that you will enter a vicious cycle of banners, sites and invitations to share this opportunity with your other contacts (three chat rooms or at least 10 users in your address book) in order to continue. And this is how it triggers the virality and this attack site is spreading fast as you can.

This is not a real virus that goes to damage your mobile phone, but to a sort of “pitfalls” that will force, without your knowledge, clicking on a wrong place, facendovi subscribe to paid phone services with one click. (In our tests, a gossip site, with a simple click, It was remitted to a service via SMS for only 4,99 € per week, by direct debit in credit balance of your SIM).

While we are writing this article there are coming more reports about the fate of “contests” with prizes that are being developed via WhatsApp in the same way (including a resounding “clearance sale” by iPhone 6 on Amazon or improbable coupon to H&M 50).

Therefore, If you receive this type of offers clamoring to WhatsApp.. Note that it is a scam, and also avoid opening the link that is sent. Simply reply to your contact by placing it abreast of what's happening, maybe having him read this article.

Stay frosty!