Whatsapp free, Forever!

No more cost to download the ’ app WhatsApp and no more annual fees to use the messaging system most widely used in the world.
Whatsapp has finally given the news officially on their blogs. Now Whatsapp gratis no longer a dream for all over 900 million active users every month.

Although really a ridiculous fee (1 $ the 0,89 € per month), the fee was an obstacle for those users who do not have a credit card or who are not inclined to use it electronically.

And that's what drove officially WhatsApp to remove Canon.
We can read directly in their official post:

Make WhatsApp free is more useful

Almost a billion people around the world today relies on WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family. By the new dad who shares photos with her family in Indonesia, the student in Spain he hears his friends at home, the doctor in Brazil that he keeps in touch with her patients, people rely on WhatsApp for its speed, simplicity and reliability.

That's why we are pleased to announce that WhatsApp will not ask for more subscription fees. For many years we have asked some people to pay royalties for using WhatsApp ’ after first year. Crescendo, We found that this approach did not work well. Many users WhatsApp, We do not have a credit or debit card number, they were worried about losing the connection with their friends and family after the first year. So over the next few weeks, We will remove the Canon by the different versions of our application and WhatsApp will not ask for more pay for their service.

The co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum confirmed the news at the annual Digital-Life-Design Conference (DLD) of Monaco: “Today we are announcing that Whatsapp will be free to users. We will not pay a dollar to anyone”.

In this sentence is perfectly clear that Whatsapp gratis only users stability robustness; (private Ed) and not the companies that will be involved early in trade policy by WhatsApp.

During the same Conference Koum also stated that within a couple of months WhatsApp will become fully encrypted for Android users (the messages will be encrypted, in order to be protected against unauthorised access in mobile).

He thought the good of its users really WhatsApp? How will continue to make money?

Whatsapp is considering for an official to put companies in direct communication with customers: a kind of call-center made using WhatsApp to assist, or to provide news to its customers (for example, banks will be able to send automatic notifications of movements on the account, withdrawals, etc... directly to their customers through WhatsApp).

The service offered to companies by Whatsapp will not be free (but absolutely convenient for companies because it would break down heavily many expenses of customer relationship management).

The same Koum reassures customers that customers WhatsApp will not receive spam or advertising.


Starting this year ’, We will test tools that help you use WhatsApp to communicate with companies and organizations from which you will want to receive news. This could mean communicating with the Bank about fraudulent transactions, or with an airline on a late flight. Today we receive all these posts elsewhere – through sms and phone call – for this we want to test new tools to make this easier on WhatsApp, continuing to offer an experience without third party advertisements and spam.