WhatsApp become free on the AppStore but finally introduces the annual fee!

As we had predicted, with the new version published yesterday in the AppStore, Whatsapp as well as introducing some interesting news finally changes the version of pricing: now also on iOS devices like iPhone WhatsApp become free for download, but introduces the annual fee paid.

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WhatsApp that he had never been free we already mentioned in our article: WhatsApp fee! Someone is surprised..
The situation has turned upside down, was organized differently to align with those versions iOS Android.

WhatsApp Previously you could download for free from Android devices, but after the first year was paid for a subscription. On iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad to download Whatsapp was paying, but then there was no need for subscriptions.

WhatsApp is instead now available for free on the AppStore:

Whatsapp Messenger Whatsapp Inc.. Category: Social network, Utility
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 2.17.52

but after the first year of free usage will need to pay an annual fee of just 0,99 Us $ (approximately € 0.89 per year).

I have already purchased WhatsApp in the past, I have to pay or can I use WhatsApp for free?

whatsapp gratisIf in the past you have already purchased WhatsApp regularly on iTunes no longer have to pay any subscription. Remember that your license is only available for use on a terminal and your phone number.

You can at any time check the status of your license WhatsApp to understand if you have to pay the annual fee for use WhatsApp from your iOS device directly in this way:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • from the menu “Settings” selected “Account”
  • Its “payment info” you can check the status of your account as shown in the image on the right.
  • If the service is “Unlimited” you will not have to pay any fees, as you have already purchased the app before it was introduced the annual fee.

The service Whatsapp in these conditions is active only on the telephone number mentioned in this section. And’ You can change the device free, reinstall WhatsApp freely provided that the telephone number remains the same.

Prior to the criticism that it is correct or not pay WhatsApp, remember that WhatsApp works really well, is extremely widespread, required a lot of work from developers and definitely saved us very much.

whatsapp messages sentHow much you save with WhatsApp? How many messages I sent free with WhatsApp?

  • Open WhatsApp
  • from the menu “Settings” selected “Account”
  • Its “Using Network” you can check out a little’ very interesting data, such as those highlighted in the image shown here.

If you multiply the number of messages sent for the cost of a standard SMS.. you will be really surprised, and the annual rent of 0,89 € will no longer be a problem for some!