WhatsApp Update: and new functions.. new prices!

Yesterday was released the update for iOS Whatsapp: introduces new great features as well as a new policy on the price of the application.

The main features introduced are two: possibilità di send multiple photos to a contact WhatsApp and Backup and Restore chat history via WhatsApp iCloud.
Regarding the new pricing policies of WhatsApp we invite you to read our article: WhatsApp become free on the AppStore but finally introduces the annual fee! .

How does sending multiple photos on WhatsApp?foto multiple
The use of this function is rather simple:

  • Click on the icon to insert an image into a chat as you have always done
  • selected “Choose existing photo”
  • Select the first photo in the gallery you want to attach
  • will open an interface like the one shown in the photo at left
  • pressing on “+” you can add new pictures to send
  • pressing on “x” at the top left on a photo you remove it
  • holding down a thumbnail can change the order of sending
  • finished selecting photos, press the button “Send”

How to back up and restore from iCloud conversations WhatsApp?

  • Open WhatsApp
  • from the menu “Settings” selected “Settings Chat” – “Backup Chat”

You can set up an automatic backup daily, weekly or monthly.
With this backup, WhatsApp will get back if you need to reinstall all the conversations until you last backed up!

One last update covers “ULR schema support for third-party app”. What's this?

And’ an update rather technical designed for developers of other applications for iPhone. With this update,, other applications can “interface” directly with WhatsApp.

Let's take an example: you have an app that allows you to invite friends to take a specific action? Until now you could do it via sms, Facebook, mail, etc... now you can also do it directly via WhatsApp