Whatsapp: new function “Mark as unread”

The latest version of WhatsApp brings us a couple of interesting features, one of which was requested loudly by users: the ability to mark a thread as “unread thread”.

The new function Whatsapp to mark a thread as unread was introduced with the new version 2.12.213 and allows, even after reading a conversation, You can mark as unread so as not to lose track if we have no way to respond immediately.

Let's take an example:
We received a message from a friend, We read but do not have time or desire to respond immediately. More often than not happen that we forget to respond.
With the new update you can, After reading the message Mark conversation as “to read”: doing so will display a green dot next to the conversation reminding us that we still need to finish reading it or respond.
To do this you can simply hold your finger on the conversation and press the option “Mark as unread” (to date the entry has not yet been translated into Italian):
whatsapp mark as unread

And’ important to know that this setting is only locally on your smartphone, and will not affect read notifications (the famous Blue checkmarks of which we have already spoken here) views from our correspondent: Although branded as conversation “to read”, any check WhatsApp Blue will still be displayed to the user with which you are texting.


When the function “Mark as unread” WhatsApp is only available for Android devices with the latest version of WhatsApp installed, but will soon be released on all other devices.
To date, the latest version 2.12.213 has not yet been published on the official Play Store, so if you want to now take advantage of this new option you can manually update the app WhatsApp going from your Android smartphone directly into official WhatsApp http://www.whatsapp.com/android and pressing the green button “Download Now”.

Once you have downloaded the update, install it by clicking on the notification: Whatsapp automatically updated to the new version by keeping stored all your chat.

To install the update as indicated above, in your Android device you will need to enable the voice “Unknown sources” in the settings menu / security.