Is it better Whatsapp or Telegram ? [updated]

The new messaging system Telegram is a good alternative to WhatsApp, WeChat and Line is in a phase of maximum expansion. Users seem crazy and you're already recording an escape from WhatsApp. Let's see why users prefer to WhatsApp Telegram!
In recent days is experiencing incredible surge of users who install and choose Telegram to exchange free messages with your friends. In Italy, the increase is greater than other known messaging programs online free line and WeChat, although the latter has appeal even to TV and radio spots.

Surely it is the market leader in messaging program WhatsApp, who is recording the biggest leak of users.
Recall that WhatsApp was twice very “criticized” in recent days because of both its “sale” the giant “Facebook” (Click to read the article) for the period of service blackouts lasted a few hours.
Certainly these two aspects influenced a lot on the rise of users who started to use Telegram.

Putting aside the moral questions of who does not want their conversations become part of the mountain of data that is already managed by Facebook, are other aspects of Telegram that will surely make it more palatable to Whatsapp.

The differences between WhatsApp and Telegram

Telegram is completely free, WhatsApp is free of charge: as the cost of WhatsApp is decidedly paltry, use is still subject to a fee (after a year of using the service) or purchase cost of app. The total cost is estimated to approximately 89 cents. Although this is a pittance, This restrains those users who do not want to use their credit card on the internet.

Telegram is faster by WhatsApp or at least that is what was stated on the website of the Telegram. From the various tests done, the difference is imperceptible.

Telegram is safer than WhatsApp: Telegram exploits a security technology that makes it possible “encrypt” the messages exchanged between users. The encryption key is calculated on the id of the sender and recipient: This makes the content inaccessible even to the authors themselves of Telegram

Telegram saves messages while not WhatsApp (or at least should not save): This may or may not be considered an asset. By saving the messages on the cloud, Telegram allows you to have access to historical messages even changing device, without the need for any backup, or consult the messages even from different devices or from our web. How contraindication some users, despite encrypting messages, do not appreciate that their messages are saved on the server for a privacy issue.

Telegram is opensource and WhatsApp no: means that the code that was written Telegram is in the public domain and allows anyone (it is able) to develop applications that can interface with the Telegram. If you were to become Telegram used as WhatsApp might expect thouHotelsands of applications that leverage this technology: we can read our messages from the car's computer, receive event notifications, banking, etc.… via Telegram. The downside is that, if there should be a hole “bug” in the system, for hackers would find it much easier having free access to the code.

Telegram also be used by the web, PC and Mac, WhatsApp not: the fact that the messages are stored in the cloud allows you to access their messages from a web browser or from your computer.
In this article you will discover how to use our Telegram from your Windows PC, Mac OSX via the web: “How to use Telegram from PC, Mac or in the Web

Telegram also has a function not provided by WhatsApp: the secret chat.
The chat Secret Telegram is a function with a particular care for privacy: the messages exchanged with the people with whom you start a chat secret (the translation seems to us inappropriate) are not stored on servers, are dated to security policies and data encryption highly evolved and may contain a self-destruct timer to delete messages from the sender's phone and from that of the recipient.

Telegram allows you to send documents as well as photos and videos. This function is definitely more exploitable with Android devices and allows the sending of any type of file, such as high-definition video, zip file, office documents and more!

To date, about Telegram there is one deficiency: the lack of the possibility of sending voice messages as with Whatsapp but we are sure that this feature will be implemented soon.

Now that you know the differenze fra Telegram e WhatsApp.. You can choose freely :)

On mobile devices currently Telegram is officially available for Android and iPhone / ipad:

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