WhatsApp fee: the hoax returns

Many readers have reported with concern to have received several messages on WhatsApp from your contacts who inform them that WhatsApp will become chargeable. Let's see what it is.

The message comes from our contacts and reads exactly like:

| Saturday morning whatsapp will become chargeable! If you have at least twenty contacts sends this message to them. So is that you're a regular user and your logo will become blue and free will (I have spoken to tg). Whatsapp will cost 0,01€ to the message. Send it to ten people.
“Hi, We are Andy and Jonh, the directors of whatsapp. A few months ago we warned that this summer ’ whatsapp would not be free anymore; We always do what we say, in fact, the comunchiamo that from today will be the cost of whatsapp 1 Euro per month. If you want to continue using your account for free to send this message to 20 contacts in your phonebook, If it will, the will an sms from number: 123#57 and will communicate that whatsapp is free for you!!! THANK YOU…. and if you don't believe check yourself on our website (www.whatsapp.com). Good bye.
PS: When you do the light will be blue (If you do not send the Agency ’ whatsapp will cost you ).

It is a clear buffalo.
We encourage recipients of this message to forward the same message to at least 20 contacts to prove you're the heavy users of WhatsApp and “merit” Therefore the free version.

From what we understand the message of WhatsApp fee is a hoax?
Sincerely we understand many aspects including:

  • the “logo” WhatsApp is too general.. If we talk about icon, but that may change as the registered logo of WhatsApp is green l.
  • Andy and John (Besides the fact that John is misspelled) It is not the “Directors” by WhatsApp: as you know Whatsapp was bought by Facebook, and the name of “inventors” by WhatsApp is Jan Koum and Brian Acton
  • users are welcome to check the veracity of what is written on the site of WhatsApp.. but as you can see all the same site c ’ is written: “WhatsApp, Messaging and calls are fast, Simple, free and safe*, available on phones around the world.”. The reference of ’ asterisk simply explains that some traders could charge the cost of the data connection needed to run WhatsApp.

And why would someone puts around these hoaxes? The reasons are not clear: It is possible that it is just a test to see how the message will spread virally (some kind of joke); others think it is widespread from the competitors by WhatsApp (such as Telegram) to push people to leave the platform Whatsapp.. but this we believe.. ’ is another hoax!