WhatsApp now you can also use a PC!

Whatsapp to send a note is cross-platform Posts free via Internet the iPhone, Android,Windows Phone, Nokia and Blackberry. Despite the popularity of the app, not everyone knows that WhatsApp can also be installed on PC with Windows. Who does not have one Smartphone I will use the app to, can still take advantage of this excellent alternative to SMS through its computer thanks to an Android emulator called Bluestacks. Let's see how to do.

Bluestacks is a very useful tool that allows you to emulate the applications available for all smartphones Android ( in the format .apk), sui computer Windows o Mac. Thanks to this program, you can use your PC as an Android phone, taking advantage of the apps and games available for this mobile operating system, and even messaging services like WhatsApp.

In order to use these features, let's start with the download Bluestacks, available for free in the developer's official website for Windows 7, Windows EXPERIENCE, Vista and Mac OS X. After you have launched the software, you will see a startscreen equal identical in all respects to that of a smartphone or a tablet Android.

When Bluestack will have finished loading, look for the application of Whatsapp in the store of the mobile app using the Search Bar. Then proceed with the download and will appear on the main screen of your smartphone virtual icon of the app messages for free. Toss, and configure the application with your phone number and your country. Within a few seconds your number will be checked and will come to you with a text message that it has verified.

After proper verification, you can use exactly as in your smartphone, receiving and sending text messages free, chat with your friends exchange pictures and video. Unlike when using the app on your smartphone, the address book does not sync automatically, but you have to add your contacts manually via the icon in the upper left.

The only thing to which we must pay attention, Whatsapp is registered to a number sim only works on a platform in the vote, namely, that if you use it in the pc there longer works on the phone and vice versa, and you need to reconfigure every time.

In a period when the SMS do not appear to be so confident, use of the services of IM is an excellent solution, whether it be of Viber, Whatsapp o imessage. If you have not yet done, Therefore we recommend you to try WhatsApp to start saving on SMS.

Recall that the application is free but, depending on the operating system, after a year of use would require an annual subscription of 0,99 dollars to be used.

To find and download WhatsApp, click here, while for download Bluestacks click here.