Worms: the famous war game between worms is available on Facebook

Let's start with this classic game fun and our new section dedicated to online games available on Facebook. And’ the celebrated Worms the Team 17 one of the social games available as online game on Facebook, to the delight of all the fans who adore them worms so fierce as angry.

Series, Worms was born in the far 1995 and then became famous and very current today as it is available on many models of mobile phones.

The big news now is that you can play without problems with our friends on Facebook, or take on other challengers in the case is taken millions of users of Facebook in the world.

schermata_wormsThe weapons available at the beginning of the game are not many, from the bazooka hand grenade and a few other, obviously go ahead in the game and most will have the opportunity to buy other types of more effective weapons. The nice thing (and especially useful) is that before you buy you will have the chance to try them.

Each player, also, has its own island, which can be customized to your liking. In addition, Worms developers on Facebook have added the ability to unlock various achievements, an incentive to engage thoroughly with your worm.

The graphics are very nice and also the sound does its part, However, if we must find fault some weapons are really too expensive. Beyond this we are sure that, both for the real fans of Worms than for the other, the hours spent in the midst of worms and bombs will be many. And the fun? Secured! You can immediately begin your battles: by clicking the image of the game you will be redirected to the app on Facebook

To test the application click here: https://apps.facebook.com/playworms