Wpa tester PC: how to find free WiFi password!

Wpa tester is one of the most used app in iphone e Android, also on PC that allows you to find the default wifi password doing a simple calculation algorithm. Let's see how it works and the download link for version pc!

Wpa tester PC allows you to find the wifi password of the largest telecom operators such as Alice, Fastweb e TeleTu; everything by doing a simple scan networks, selecting the wifi network you wish to find the password, and once calculated by the program you can just copy your wifi password in the required field of access to the wifi network you want and you're done!

Although there are different apps and programs that promise to find the wifi password, Wpa tester is among the most popular on the podium, and actually keeps its promises. And’ one of the most used for this purpose on Android and iPhone, and to download on your smartphone and get more details, please see our previous article: Wpa Tester: find the default password of WiFi networks.

Updating: to find the password of WiFi networks on our iPhone read this article.

On this page we show instead the download link WPA Tester PC, a program based on the exact same functionality of the application for smartphones, which extends the same functionality even to people who want to do it by pc or do not have a smartphone.

Once you have downloaded Wpa Tester 1.7 pc, the program does not require installation, but simply asks you to accept the terms of use of the program, and once accepted, you can just choose the operator selected phone and enter the network name (SID) that you want find the password, and in the case of Alice and Fastweb also the brand of your (I take for granted that it is your) MODEM.


I want to clarify for those who still do not know, that fail to find passwords Modem only for those that have not been changed or modified the password provided by the operator on the first day, that very often found also very comfortably in the back or bottom of your modem bases models; if the password has been changed, this program is not for your help. I remind everyone that also violate the network of other people's property is a criminal offense.

We hope to be of help were!

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