Youtube: New App for iPhone

The famous social network for video sharing, YouTube releases new iPhone app. To some it may have seemed an odd choice, as the iPhone and iPad devices already exists native app to view YouTube videos. We find out why.

youtube_iconIn the new firmware iOs 6 Output in these days, will no longer present the classical App “Youtube” that we are accustomed to seeing (reproduced on the right).

It seems that the absence of the App YouTube in the new Apple firmware is due to the expiration of the license to use YouTube to Apple. In reality we all know that between Apple and Google is not running now more bad blood and the agreements that had been developed right from the start of the Apple devices are now skipped (for example also maps featured in the new ones will not be IOS6 Google).

For Google, however, the iOS platform is too important to stay out of it and therefore it did not take much to publish a dedicated application. Having an app dedicated is also a great advantage: allows developers to continually update and enrich it, while the native iPhone was necessary to wait for the approval of the changes by Apple and especially the release of a new firmware.

The new application interface is very reminiscent la controparte Android.
You can naturally vedere in video, comment on, share them on social networks and manage subscriptions to channels. The new version of the software also allows you to view the VEVO music videosma con banner o spot pubblicitari. Accedendo con le proprie credenziali Google è ovviamente possibile gestire il proprio profilo e i propri canali.

Even the signing of the channels has been made better, and now sarà possibile anche condividere i video sui principali social network: Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Still can not upload videos from the app.

Obviously, the application is free.

Youtube Google, Inc.. Category: Photos and videos, Entertainment
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 12.35